Estate & Trust Administration

What Is Estate & Trust Administration?

Estate and Trust administration is the implementation and management of your estate and trusts. Once you have the estate planning documents and trusts in place, our team oversees the distribution process to ensure all your wishes are met.

Why should I have an Estate & Trust Administrator?

Aside from having an estate plan, your estate and trust administrator is the most important piece to your plan. You should choose an administrator you trust to ensure that all your final wishes are met and your wealth is distributed properly.

We represent our clients, trustees, and agents in estate and trust administration. Our team also has expertise in helping with special needs trusts.

Here are a few examples of estate plans and trusts we handle for our clients:

When should I visit an Estate & Trust Administration attorney?

Ideally, you should decide on an estate and trust administrator during your estate planning process. After all, your estate and trust administrator will manage your estate plan and trusts after you pass away. You should choose an attorney that you feel comfortable working with and believe will properly oversee your plan.

Estate & Trust Administration F.A.Q.

  1. What is an estate plan? An estate plan designates how your assets will be distributed after death with tax benefits in mind, outlines how you would like to receive care as you grow older, and who can make decisions for you on your behalf.
  2. What is probate? Probate is the legal process to distribute the estate of a person after they pass away. If the deceased person has no will and testament, the state law will determine how the assets are distributed.
  3. What is a trust? A trust minimizes taxes and maximizes benefits for the person entitled to it. Trusts are a great way to distribute wealth to specific individuals.