How Can I Protect My Elderly Parents’ Assets?

A woman leans over with her arms around her elderly parents. Her father in a wheelchair, her mother in an armchair. This image belongs to the article How Can I Protect My Elderly Parents' Assets?

People are living longer and more active lives than any other point in history. This also means that more and more adult children find themselves dealing with new challenges that come with aging parents. And one of the questions we hear most often is, “How can I protect my elderly parents’ assets?”

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What is Aged Care?

What is Aged Care? A legal pad with the words "Elder Law 101"

With almost constant advancements in healthcare, Americans are living longer, healthier, and fuller lives than ever before. This changing dynamic across the country has led to the inception of a newer branch of law, Elder Law, and a new series of services, Elder Care or Aged Care.

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How Do I Protect My Elderly Parents at Home (Aging in Place)?

How Do I Protect My Elderly Parents at Home Blog Image: An elderly lady holding a cane is sitting on a bench surrounded by green bushes.

As the life expectancy across the nation continues to rise (79 years old in Maryland and climbing higher every year), we will soon have more older adults in this country than ever before. For these aging adults, it can be difficult to accept the new limitations that come with increasing age. For the adult children…

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How to Deal with Elderly Parents

How to Deal with Elderly Parents Blog Image: An adult child holding the hand of his sick mother.

One of the primary concerns on the minds of adult children everywhere is how to deal with elderly parents. With the life expectancy climbing higher every year – it’s currently 79 years old in the state of Maryland – more and more adult children are struggling to understand how to support and care for their…

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